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ITR-V: Verification form download and offline verification


ITR-V (Income Tax Return – Verification Form) is an acknowledgement that you receive after filing your income tax return online. It is a one-page document that you need to download it from the Income Tax Department website and submit it to CPC Bangalore after signing it with blue ink. The ITR-V you receive does not imply that you had filed your income tax return online correctly or wrongly. It only implies that you had filed an ITR.

Significance of ITR – V

A taxpayer’s income tax return e-filing will be considered invalid if he/she e-file without the signature. Therefore, the taxpayer should submit the ITR -V to CPC (Central processing Centre), Income Tax Department Bangalore after signing the form.

It is a one-page document automatically sent by the IT department as a verification of the authenticity of the e-filed return. If you share your digital signature while e-filing the return then you don’t need to submit the ITR – V to CPC, Bangalore. However, if you did not share your digital signature you should download and submit the ITR – V to complete the e-filing process.

Download ITR – V

You can download ITR – V form directly from the Income Tax Department website. Follow the following steps to download your ITR – V

Step1: Click Log in here at IT Department website

ITRV image

Step2: To see your e-file tax return click View Returns/Forms

ITRV image

Step3: To download your ITR -V click your acknowledgment number.

ITRV image

Step4: Click ITR – V/ Acknowledgement and your ITR – V will be downloaded automatically.

ITRV image

Step5: Enter the password to open the downloaded ITR -V. Your password will be the combination of your PAN number and your Date of Birth.

For example:

Date of Birth: 05/05/1988
Password: avnpa1122c05051988

ITRV image

Step6: Print the ITR-V, sign it with blue pen only and sent it to CPC Bangalore. You should submit the form within 120 days from the date of e-filing. The address to speed post your ITR-V is –

Income Tax Department - CPC Post Bag No.1, Electronic City Post Office, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560100

Instructions you should adhere before sending ITR-V

The Income Tax Department had set some terms and conditions that a taxpayer should adhere before sending the ITR – V to the CPC.

The instructions are as follows

  1. The taxpayer should use only A4 size paper to print ITR – V
  2. It should be printed with jet ink/ laser printer to maintain clarity and avoid fading or light print.
  3. Use only black ink to print the form
  4. The ITR – V form that you post to CPC should be signed with Blue Ink only.
  5. Xerox copy of the signature will not be accepted
  6. Do not type or write anything at the back of the paper
  7. The barcode and the numbers below it should be visible clearly.
  8. Do not write anything on the barcode or do not do the signature on the barcode.
  9. Avoid using stapler on the form
  10. If you are submitting both original and revised returns, use two separate paper and print the ITR-Vs separately. Do not print the forms on both the sides of a paper.
  11. You can send more than one form in one envelop
  12. Avoid any attachment to the ITR-V form. Namely, any annexures, pre-stamped envelopes, covering letter, etc.
  13. Your ITR-V should reach CPC within 120 days from the day you file your returns.
  14. Your ITR-Vs will be rejected or the acknowledgement will be delayed if your ITR-Vs do not conform the above-said specifications.

Aadhaar based verification

A new system has been introduced by the Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) where an EVC (Electronic Verification Code) will be sent to the taxpayer based on their aadhaar for authentication. With this system, you can obviate the sending of CPC for verification.

It is an alternative way of filing returns or else you can follow the current system, where you send the ITR-V form to CPC Bengaluru or use digital signature while e-filing returns. In case if you do not have aadhaar card you can continue with the current system.

To follow this new system the taxpayer, need to link their PAN with Aadhaar. To link your Pan with Aadhaar follow the below steps

Step1: Go to IT department website

Step2: Click Link Aadhaar

ITRV image

Step3: Provide your PAN number, Aadhaar number and your name given in the aadhaar card without any spelling mistake and submit.

Note: Your link will be confirmed after UIDAI verification. In case of any minor mismatched information provided by the taxpayer, an aadhaar OTP will be required. Moreover, ensure that the gender and date of birth in PAN and Aadhaar card are same. Anyone who wants to link their Aadhaar and PAN can use this facility whether he/she is e-filing or not.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I send multiple ITR-Vs?
Yes, multiple ITR-V forms can be sent by a tax-payer. If the taxpayer had switched job or have more than one Form 16.
Q. Which document shall I send along with the ITR-V?
You do not need to send or attach any other document or form along with ITR-V. Also, avoid using stapler on the form.
Q. Can I get a duplicate ITR-V, if yes, how?
Yes, you can get a duplicate ITR-V. A taxpayer who had filed the tax return online can easily get copies of ITR-V from the IT department website (Follow the steps given above in Download ITR – V).
However, for the taxpayer who had filed their ITR manually should write an application to AO for a duplicate ITR-V.
Q. What is the benefit of adding the digital signature?
While e-filing ITR if the taxpayer adds his/her digital signature then the filing is complete then and there. Adding digital signature may cost you some amount but with this, you don’t need to follow any further actions such as submitting your ITR-V to CPC Bengaluru.
Q. How will I update my e-mail address in ITR-V?
If you want to change or update your e-mail id in your ITR-V, then follow the below given steps –
  • Log in to your account
  • Go to Settings and click Change
  • Enter your new e-mail address
  • Click Submit
Q. What is the last dated of submitting ITR-V?
You should submit your ITR-V form within 120 days from the day of ITR e-filing. The IT- Department may extend the deadline for an exceptional case.
Q. Can I submit the ITR-V form through courier or registered post?
No, you cannot send your ITR-V through courier or registered post. You must send your ITR-V only through ordinary post or speed post.
Q. Where will I find my ITR-V, if I failed to download my ITR-V form after e-filing return?
Yes, you can download your ITR-V even if you failed to download the form after filing your return. It is available at your IT e-filing profile. (Follow the steps given above in Download ITR – V).
Q. When will I get acknowledgement receipt from CPC?
The CPC usually send the acknowledgement receipt to the taxpayer’s e-mail id within 3 weeks from the date of posting.
Q. I have not got my acknowledgement receipt from CPC, what should I do?
If the taxpayer fails to receive the acknowledgement receipt then he/she can download it from the IT website. Follow the below process to download your acknowledgement receipt –
  • Log in to your Income Tax account
  • Go to E-filing Processing Status under My Account dropdowns.

You can also check your acknowledgement receipt with your PAN and assessment year or e-filing acknowledgement number at ITR-V receipt status under Services section on the website.

Q. Who shall I contact if I want to know about the e-filing returns status?
You can call CPC call centre at 1800- 4250-0025 from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. to know about your refund status.

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