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Accurate response. Get Peace of mind.

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Accurate response. Get Peace of mind.

Have you received a Notice from the Income Tax Department? We can help.

It is very important, that you read the notice carefully to the extent you can understand. You cannot ignore tax demand notices for that could increase interest on defaulted arrears.

What do I get?

  • You are assured of an accurate response to matters raised by the tax Authorities. Your comprehensive support package covers both advice and drafting of the correct reply.
  • Common notices covered include those under Sections 139 (9), 143(1)(a), 154, 156, 245 and so on.
  • Get live sessions that extend to extra hours absolutely free of charge till your queries are resolved.
  • You are guaranteed a voice representing YOU to the tax authority.
  • Expert Advisory on notice response

Who is it meant for?

  • Individuals who earn a regular salary and/ or have multiple sources of income.
  • Any individual assessee who has received any notice under the income Tax Act.
  • Hindu Undivided Families (HUFs) with family business or incomes in the name of the karta.
  • Businesses and Professionals running proprietorships, partnerships or companies, traders, shopkeepers etc.

How to Proceed?

  • Purchase of plan.
  • You will receive a call back from our expert.
  • Upload documents as advised depending upon tax implication.
  • Your expert completes/ proceeds with process.

Common Documents

  • A copy of the tax notice itself.
  • Any tax challans (ITNS 280, 281, Form 26QB etc.) you have paid in the last FY.
  • Other documents as advised by our tax expert.

Why Choose Us?

  • All India ITR is a government authorized eRI and one of the leading tax solution providers in the country.
  • Take advantage of the most intelligent online tax preparation platforms available.
  • Upload notices, e-CA assistance, tax expert sessions – Get all of this done from the comfort of your home.


What is a Tax Notice?

A tax notice is a communication from the tax department informing you of an error in your tax return, a mistake in accounts, a balance owed by you or an overpaid amount as tax.

How can I respond to an Income Tax Notice?

Responses need to be carefully drafted when incomes or investments are numerous. Call in a professional tax expert if you feel uncomfortable with accounting jargon and mathematical projections are called for. This can happen when you have investments or capital assets subject to depreciation or when your tax assessment calls for estimating your income for the purposes of Advance tax payment or Self-Assessment tax payment.

What is an intimation under 143(1)?

This communication is sent to the tax payer when a tax remains to be paid or refunded or there arises an increase/ decrease in reported profit or loss after comparing documents such as form 16/ form 16A, form 26AS, audit statements and so on.

Every tax notice need not be a cause for worry! You should relax and read the letter before trying to think up a response.

Why Should I seek help for an Income Tax Notice?

The income tax return filing process is cumbersome if you haven’t organized your daily expenses and savings beforehand. You may end up making mistakes in field entries, miscalculate or worse, appear to withhold income from your tax assessing officer.

My Tax Expert has advised a rectified/ revised return. Does that get covered in this plan?

If your Expert advises you to e-file a rectified/ revised return then you may choose one of our ITR e-filing plans that best suit your tax profile.



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