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A Better Description to Understand Form-16

Income Tax Form 16 is provided by the employer which shows that TDS has been deducted from your salary. According to Indian Tax Law, it is mandatory for the employer to issue this form if they are deducting TDS from the employee’s salary. The form needs to be issued once in a year, which will be produced during income tax filing in next assessment year.

Sections of Form 16

This form contains all the information required for filing income tax. This form is divided into two parts, Part A and Part B.

Part A of Form 16

  • Name and address of the employer
  • TAN & PAN of employer
  • PAN of the employee
  • Summary of tax deducted & deposited quarterly, which is certified by the employer
  • Assessment Year
  • Period of employment with the employer
  • Form 16 Part A must be generated and downloaded through Traces portal
  • Part A of the Form 16 also has a unique TDS Certificate Number.

Part B of Form 16

  • Detailed breakup of salary paid
  • Deductions allowed under the income tax act (under chapter VIA)
  • Relief under section 89
  • If you have held more than one job during the year, you’ll have more than one Form 16.
  • Part B is prepared by the employer manually and issued along with Part A. (Are you an employer? If you are an employer, file your TDS Return here)
1 Form-16 Part B / Annexure / Salary Statement When you fill your I-T Return, you need to enter the following details.
Screenshot form16B
2 Form-16 Part A / Traces Form-16
Part A requires you to enter these details
Screenshot form16A

Expert Support for Multiple Form 16

Our E-filing system allow multiple Form 16 to be uploaded. For a financial year, you can make selections of periods and then upload the first one, then add others. Once you upload all the form, our system will prepare your income tax return automatically.

Frequently asked questions about Form-16 support

You must get it from your employer even if you have left the job with them. Your ex-employer is also liable to provide you a Form 16. Unless this, there is no other way to get or download a Form 16.
With All India ITR, you can E-file income tax return even if you don’t have a Form-16. You just need to click on the “Without Form 16” button and fill in all the details to file ITR.
If TDS has not been deducted from your salary, then the employer is not liable to issue a Form 16. In this case, you E-file income tax returns manually without uploading the Form 16.
All employers must deduct TDS before making a payment and according to Indian Income Tax Law, such employers must furnish a TDS certificate. The certificate must show how much TDS has been deducted and deposited. The certificate should be in the format of Form 16.
If your income is above the income tax exemption limit, then you must have to file income tax returns regardless of the fact if your employer has issued a Form 16 or not. Form 16 mainly shows up the TDS deductions made by the employer. In case, if the employer have not issued a Form 16 then you can E-file income tax return without it by using our “Without Form 16” option.

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