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Faster, easier and secure gateway to E-file income tax return

Income Tax Return guidelines

All You Need To Know About Income Tax Returns

Filing income tax returns is one of the mandatory duties mentioned for all the Indian citizens. If you are a first-time taxpayers or a regular taxpayer and you have got any queries then refer to our this page. This page is solely dedicated to educating taxpayers regarding general tax filing information.

  • Income tax return describes income earned during a financial year for which you need to pay tax to the government.
  • Total 8 different types of income tax return (ITR) forms are there which are designed according to the source of income
  • All India ITR has bought you the easiest and fastest way to E-file income tax returns.
  • Our system automatically picks the right Income Tax Return Form according to the income details you fill in the given questionnaire.
  • Once you E-file income tax returns with us, you can also check income tax refund status online by accessing our check refund status page.

So what form you need to E-file ITR!

For salaried individuals, ITR1 or Sahaj form is needed to file ITR returns. This form also includes house property and other income (except lottery and horse race winnings). However, there are 8 types of different ITR forms come from which one need to pick the suitable one.

Some of the commonest ITR Forms are:

  • ITR 1 or Sahaj Form is for salaried individuals.
  • ITR 3 is designed for Individuals and HUFs who are partners in firms, but not carrying out business or profession under any proprietorship
  • ITR 4 is designed for Individuals & HUFs earning from a proprietary business.
  • ITR 4S or Sugam Form is designed for Individuals / HUFs having tentative income from business

Documents required to E-file income tax returns

Before you start E-filing income tax return, please check with this checklist to confirm that you have got all your essentials with you.

  • Your Pan card
  • Form 16
  • Form 26AS or Tax credit statement of to ensure the amount of TDS deposited by employer matches to the amount mentioned in your Form 16. As if the two figure doesn’t match, then you might get a notice from the IT department.
  • All the proof required to claim deductions under section 80C, 80G while E-filing income tax returns.
  • Other documents of savings accounts and fixed deposits to get tax exemption on interest up to INR 10,000.
  • Profit and loss statement.
  • Balance sheets or audit reports for your business firm.
  • Login credentials to log in and E-file income tax return.

So How It Works To File Income Tax Returns Online?

With All India ITR you have multiple options to choose from to E-file income tax returns.

Method 1:

  • Go to All India ITR website and click on “Upload Form 16” button
  • Upload your Form 16 in pdf format.
  • Our system will fetch all required data automatically.
  • Click on “Submit” and make payments if required.

And there you go!

Method 2:

  • Go to All India ITR website.
  • Click on “Without Form 16” button to start E-filing without uploading the form 16.
  • Manually enter all the required data in given fields.
  • Click on “Submit” and make payments if required.

And it’s done!

Method 3:

  • Go to All India ITR website and click on “Submit document” button.
  • Upload your required document in any format.
  • Pay the fees and our experts will prepare your E-file income tax return.

We have a solution for busy users too!

How do I check my Income Tax Refund Status

With All India ITR, you can also check the status of your income tax refund if you are due to get some. With our easy income tax refund checker, you just need to enter you PAN details and email ID to get information about your refund status.

Can I file Income Tax Returns for previous Financial Years?

With us, you can also E-file income tax returns for last 2 years. Click the links below to select the year for which you want to E-file income tax return.

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