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Generate Rent Receipt for House Rent Allowance

Here on this page, you can generate a rent receipt according to the prescribed format and
download it after filling it in with all necessary information.

A salaried employee is required to submit rent receipt if his / her House Rent Allowance given by the employer is more than Rupees 3000, where the rent per month exceeds Rupees 8333. For claiming HRA, the salaried individual must submit the rent receipt along with the agreement proof of lease and the landlord’s PAN Card details. The rent receipt must be produced in the prescribed format to avail deductions on payable Income Tax.


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Receipt No: 1

Date: 12 Jan 1988

A sum of INR {{gereratehrarentrecipt.rentpaid}} has been received from {{gereratehrarentrecipt.clientName}} towards property rent for the period from {{gereratehrarentrecipt.Periodfrom}} to {{gereratehrarentrecipt.Periodto}}.

Property Address :


{{gereratehrarentrecipt.clientlandlordName}} (Landlord)

Pan: {{gereratehrarentrecipt.clientlandlordPan}}

Note: This slip is electronic genrated by based on entry made by user.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What does rent receipt mean?
When a tenant makes a monthly payment to the landlord for the occupation of buildings or apartments then the amount paid on the accommodation is the rent. A rent receipt is issued by the landlord as a document to verify that the rent has been paid for the required month.
Q. Is it crucial that an employee submits his/her Rent Receipts to the employer?
To claim for HRA Exemption where the annual rent is more than Rupees 1 lac, producing Rent Receipts are mandatory. HRA exemption will not be provided if Rent Receipts are not submitted. On production on Rent Receipts, the employee’s final tax liability will be calculated accordingly and TDS will also be adjusted so that the employee does not have to pay tax on HRA.
Q. Is it necessary for an employee to submit rent receipt for every month?
Generally, an employee is required to submit two rent receipts; one receipt must be a receipt paid at the beginning of the financial year while the other receipt being the payment made at end of the financial year.
Q. Is the PAN of the landlord mandatory for claiming House Rent Allowance?
If the annual rent paid by the salaried taxpayer is more than Rupees 1 lac then the PAN of the landlord must be submitted mandatorily to be eligible for claiming House Rent Allowance.

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