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You are in the right place if you’re a tax novice. You get complete answers to tax queries and error free income tax return filing here.

Why Choose This Plan?

This plan proposes to give you solutions on filing ITRs, online income calculations, long term and short term capital gains, refunds, tax savings, presumptive income for businesses and professionals, income from abroad, pension or PF taxation and so on. Your questions will be managed in the most precise manner possible.

Services Included

  • Guidance in tax return filing
  • AllindiaITR tax expert files taxes for you
  • Calculate Lowest Possible Income Tax payment
  • Calculate value of deductions
  • Be advised on tax exemptions
  • Get the right advice all the time.
  • GST advice is NOT a part of this subscription.

Note on Documents required:

You must tell us your circumstances before we can advise you on what papers you require to file your IT return. You shall be informed which documents to present once your case has been studied and understood. This mere formality exists to help us to serve you in the best manner possible. Nevertheless, as a basic guideline, keep your PAN, AADHAAR and Bank Savings account number and IFSC code handy. If you are a salaried individual keep your Form 16 handy. You may also require statements of profit and loss, balance sheets, capital gains transaction receipts, sale deeds, Form 26QB or Form 16B as proof of tax paid against your PAN.

For whom is this Plan meant for?

  • Individuals with Salary
  • Hindu Undivided Family
  • Professionals
  • Small businesses, traders and start ups

Mode of Delivery

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We are committed to Quick and smooth IT returns online. You are assured Expert assisted guidance throughout your interaction with us. Assistance with responses to IT notices, rectification and enquiries are the best Value Added features of your subscription. Tax saving advice related to your tax form is also a standard component of your purchase. With AllindiaITR, you can rest assured that you will get more for your money than anywhere else.


When is the consultation service available?

Our services are available at extended business hours to suit your timing.

How and where can I file my return?

Income tax return can either be filed at the offices of All India ITR or you will be assisted in filing it electronically. We also provide

  • Self e-filing services which will allow you to file a return on your own with the help of our support.

  • Income tax return filing through assisted online tax filing services under the guidance of trained tax experts who will prepare and e-file your returns.

Is there a place which lets me find articles related to taxes?

Yes, Our blogs are published more frequently than any other portal on the website and keep you updated on recent changes to tax procedure and policy. We also have Guide pages to help you can find complete answers to any tax query.

I have changed my jobs more than twice in the past year, will I be able to file for returns through All India ITR?

Yes, you simply have to submit the form 16 which will be issued by your employer. We will calculate all your taxes and provide expert assistance.

If your tax expert suggests that I buy another plan during my session will I have to purchase a new plan again?

The plan that you purchased covers a specific set of procedures to get your return forms furnished as accurately as possible within set guidelines by the income tax department. Much depends on what sources of income you have disclosed as well as reported. There should also be no discrepancy between your Form 16 and Form 26AS. In such a case you will have to purchase the other plan to resolve your tax declaration.

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