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Registration of Limited Liability Partnership Firms

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About This Plan

Over the period of time, Limited Liability Partnership has become one of the most preferable form of organization amongst the young entrepreneurs. An LLP is a separate Legal entity like companies. Minimum 2 partners are required to incorporate a Limited Liability Partnership. There are less compliances and regulations in forming an LLP. LLPs are incorporated under the Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008. Planning to form an LLP? Just buy our plan and our Tax Experts will help you to register your LLP in no time.

Prices may differ according to your capital during incorporation. The applicable price shall be informed to you by our tax expert during consultancy.

Services covered under this plan
  • Digital Signature Certificate
  • Director’s Identification Number
  • Name approval through RUN-LLP
  • Filing of e-form with the Registar of Companies(ROC)
  • Online document collection
  • LLP Agreement will be provided
  • Designated Partner Identification Number-DPINs (2 nos.)
  • Inclusive of the Government Fees and Stamp Duty depending upon capital of business and contribution by designated Partners (up to Rs. 50,000 contribution)
  • Certificate of Incorporation
Who can buy this plan?
  • This plan is applicable to those who want to run their business in large scale and in legal manner.
  • Companies,body corporates or already existing partnership.
  • Minimum 2 designated partners
  • LLPs registered outside India.

How the Plan works?

  • Name approval through RUN-LLP
  • Digital Signatures and Director’s Identification Number
  • Application for Incorporation
  • LLP Agreement

Information menu

Documents Required
  • Self-attested copy of PAN of all the designated partners
  • Self-attested copy of address Proof of all the designated partners
  • Passport Size photos of all the designated partners
  • Stamp paper for LLP Agreement of State where LLP is to be Incorporated
  • Registered office Address Proof-Electricity Bill along with rent agreement/ownership proof and NOC


What is the difference between a Partnership Firm and LLP?

In a typical Partnership Firm, every partner is liable for the operations carried out in the firm. Under LLPs, liability of the partner is limited to his agreed contribution. Further, no partner is liable on the account of independent or un-authorized acts of other partners.

What is the minimum Capital required to start a Limited Liability Partnership?

There is no minimum Capital amount to start a Limited Liability Partnership

Who can incorporate LLP?

Minimum number of partners to incorporate an LLP is two. Any individual or body corporate who consent to become partners can incorporate Limited Liability Partnership Firm.

Does the Income Tax Act treat partnership firms and LLPs differently?

Both general partnerships and LLPs are taxed at flat rate of 30%. All the other income tax act provisions apply similarly except that general partnership firms are covered under presumptive taxation scheme i.e if turnover is below Rs. 2 crore in business or Rs. 50 lakh in case of profession, there is no need to maintain books of accounts or get accounts audited whereas, LLPs are explicitly not covered.

What are the advantages of registering as an LLP over general partnership firms?

Liability- In a general partnership firm, partners are personally liable for debts of the business which means that even their personal property may be used to settle the firm’s debts. Whereas, the liability of partners is limited in case of an LLP.

Immunity against wrong doings of other partners- Under LLP structure, partners are not responsible for negligence or misconduct of other partners whereas in general partnership firms, partners can be held responsible.

What is the audit requirement for LLP?

Accounts of an LLP are required to be audited when the turnover is Rs. 40 lakh or more or when the total capital contribution is Rs. 25 lakh or more.

The auditor of the LLP is appointed annually by the designated partners. The first auditor is appointed before the end of the relevant financial year. Subsequent appointment or reappointment of the auditors is made one month before the closing of the relevant financial year by the designated partners

I have received a COD/ VPP Courier after the incorporation of LLP, what should I do?

After the incorporation of the LLP, its data is freely available on MCA’s official website and is used by many fraudsters to make money. They take printouts of the available data from MCA’s website and send the same to registered address of company via VPP/ COD and ask you to pay some money to receive the courier. We suggest, you do not accept the courier. All your company registration documents will be provided to you by All India ITR without any extra cost.


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