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Registration of the Partnership Firm

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About This Plan

A firm where the various partners decide the terms and conditions of the business operations and have many legal and compliance angles. This kind of matters are best solved by the Experts. That’s the reason why you should opt for All India ITR’s this plan and get your Partnership Firm registered, along with this also get the required documents handy.

Prices may differ according to your capital during the incorporation. The applicable price shall be informed to you by our tax expert during consultancy.

Services covered under this plan
  • Application of PAN
  • Drafting of Partnership deed
  • Filing of various documents along with deed with the registrar of firms
  • Registration certificate will be issued
  • Filing of the Affidavit with the registrar
Who can buy this plan?
  • A group of minimum two people having a business idea.
  • Small business that require resources by the multiple people
  • Any existing Partnership firm that is not registered

How the Plan works?

  • Buy the Plan
  • Consultation by the All India ITR’s Tax Experts
  • Upload the documents in the space provided
  • Drafting of Partnership deed
  • Application filing with the registrar
  • Receipt of the Registration Certificate
  • Estimated time of completion is 10 days

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Documents Required
  • Address Proof of the Partners of the Firm
  • Photo ID proofs of partners of the Firm
  • If the office space is rented, then the rent agreement of the registered office is required
  • If the office space is rented, then the no objection certificate from the owner is required
  • Stamp paper for Partnership Agreement of State where Partnership firm is to be Incorporated


What does a Partnership Firm mean?

A Partnership firm is the one where two partners come together to carry out a business for profit. The partners are the co-owners of the firm and take care of the operations that are governed by the Partnership deed.

Why is registration required for a Partnership firm?

All the partnership firms are governed by the Indian Partnership Act, 1932. Registration is not mandatory, but it is important due to the following reasons: -

  1. The partners cannot file a case against the firm or in the other partners, if the firm is not registered
  2. The unregistered firms or its partners can’t file a case against third party on breach of a contract, but the third party can file a case
  3. If there is any disagreement with the third party the unregistered firm or its partners cannot negotiate or claim a set off.
When is it suitable to register the Partnership Firm?

A partnership firm can be registered either at the time of its formation or even subsequently after that. The application for registration is supposed to be made to the registrar of firms of the region in which the business is situated. Generally, it is advisable to register the firm as soon as it is formed.

Is there any guideline on choosing name for the firm?

The name of a partnership firm should not contain any words which indicate the approval/support of the government other than a case where the government has given its written consent for the use of such words as part of the firm’s name. Key pointers:

  • The names must not be too identical or similar to the name of another existing firm doing similar business.
  • The name must not contain words like Crown, Emperor, Empress, Empire or any other word indicating government approval.
Who can incorporate LLP?

Minimum two partners are required for LLP registration. Any individual or body corporate may be a partner in a LLP.


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