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Letter of Undertaking or LUT Certificate

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About This Plan

Letter or Undertaking or LUT is a certificate, that is supposed to be furnished under rule 96A in form GST RFD 11. This certificate is mandatory for the export of goods and services without the payment of Integrated Taxes. In case an exporter does not have LUT certificate, then the export can only take place after the payment of the IGST or by furnishing an export bond. LUT is important and that’s why, All India ITR’s this plan will help you in getting LUT without any hassle. Just buy this plan and our Tax Experts will guide you through the process.

Services covered under this plan

LUT will be provided online.

Who can buy this plan?

Companies or the individuals who are involved in the export of Goods and Services can buy this plan.

How the Plan works?

  • Buy the Plan
  • LUT Form will be submitted in the official GST Portal
  • ARN Number will be provided
  • LUT will be provided

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Documents Required
  1. PAN Details of the Directors
  2. PAN Details of the Company
  3. Aadhaar Details of the Directors
  4. MoM, AoA of the companies
  5. Address Proof of the Company
  6. Bank Statements of the Company
  7. Copy of IEC Code
  8. Copy of Incorporation certificate of the company


Till when LUT is valid?

Letter of Undertaking or LUT is valid for one Financial Year. For eg: If LUT is furnished in FY 2017-18, then the date of expiry of the LUT is 31st March 2018.

Why LUT is important?

By furnishing LUT Certificate, you can export the goods and services without paying IGST.

What is a LUT or bond under GST?

There are two ways possible to export under GST, one is to export with payment of GST and second is to export without the payment of GST. In order to choose second option, you need to file the bond or LUT on the GST Portal online, stating that you will fulfil all the export requirements.

When bond or LUT is filed under GST? Which laws govern them?

Filing of bond or LUT depends upon the total foreign receipts in the previous year. If you have received more than 1 Cr foreign exchange then you are required to file LUT instead of bond. Bond is required to be filed in following three cases.

  • New Exporter or First Time Export: If you are a first-time exporter of goods or services, then also you need to file the bond because you have no exports receipts in the previous year. Hence, if you are a first-time exporter, you need to file bond with a bank guarantee.
  • Foreign receipts less than 1 Crore: If you have total foreign receipts less than 1 crore, then you cannot file the LUT instead you need to file the bond with 15% bank guarantee.
  • Foreign receipts less than 10%: If you have received less than 10% foreign receipts then also you need to file the bond. E.g. if you receive total FE of 2 crore and your total turnover is Rs. 50 Crore, then you shall need to file bond and not LUT.
Can I file LUT online?

Yes, you can file your LUT online by visiting the official GST Portal. Earlier, the LUT filing process was offine.

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