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Faster, easier and secure gateway to e-file income tax return

Steps to Login to Income Tax Website of India

An income tax login is one of the vital things that every taxpayer should have. It offers the benefits of all tax related facilities to its users. To log in one must first register for an account.

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To register for an account follows these steps:

Go to the official website of Income Tax Department and begin the account registration process. Click “Register yourself" button and it will open the account registration page.

Screenshot IncomeTaxLogin1

Select the User Type from the list and click "Continue".

Screenshot IncomeTaxLogin2

Now enter all the “Basic Details” and click "Continue".

Screenshot IncomeTaxLogin3

Complete the Registration form and click “Submit”.

Screenshot IncomeTaxLogin4
  • If the validation is successful, then you will get a “Registration successful” message.
  • Then you will receive a confirmation e-mail with an activation link. Just click on the link to activate your account.
  • An SMS with OTP (One time Password) will be sent to your provided mobile number. Enter the OTP to activate the link.

Now, if you want to log in to your account follow the below steps –

Go back to the login page of Income Tax Department and try to log into your account by entering the credentials.

Screenshot IncomeTaxLogin5
Screenshot IncomeTaxLogin6

Once you have logged in, you can access your dashboard for all the options available to help you with Income Tax Return Filing, ITR-V Acknowledgment status or Refund status.

Screenshot IncomeTaxLogin7

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What does Return of Income mean?
Return of Income is a specified form containing details of income earned by a taxpayer in a financial year and the taxes paid upon the income to the Income Tax Department. There are different forms for Returns of Income, a selection of which are filed depending upon the status and nature of the claims.
Q. From where can one obtain Income Tax Return form?
The Income Tax Return forms can be downloaded from the official website of the Income Tax Department of India.
Q. What are the different ways to file for Income Tax Returns?
Income Tax Return can be filed in any of the following ways:
  • By furnishing the returns in a hardcopy of the form.
  • By furnishing the returns electronically, using a Digital Signature.
  • By transferring the data electronically via an Electronic Verification Code.
  • By filing for returns electronically and then submitting the verification of the return in Income Tax Returns Form ITR-V.
Q. What are the other documents required while filing for Income Tax Returns?
While filing for Income Tax Returns no other documents are required. But verification documents will be required during assessments and inquiry which is why it is advisable that a taxpayer must maintain these documents and be able to produce them when required.