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How to Check My Income Tax Refund Status Online

You can check your income tax refund status online now simply by providing your PAN at the tin nsdl website and the relevant assessment year.

The official income tax e-filing portal no longer shows the option to check your tax refund status from the online tabs.

You can much more easily view your tax refund right here by filling in your registration details with us.

According to the authoritative website the ITR refund will be credited by your refund banker, the State Bank of India and transferred directly to your Savings Bank account 10 days after your Assessing Officer forwards your money to the banker.

Simple way to check Tax Refund online

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Check your Refund Status

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Assessment Year to check refund status for

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Email Address to specify to the Income Tax Department *

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Check my Refund Status

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Status of Your Tax Refund

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It is advisable to check your tax refund status with All India ITR as any update or changes such as submitting rectification request, rechecking your refundable amount, etc. require a tax expert. Any further step directed after checking your tax refund will be proceeded easily with All India ITR.

Probable Status That a Taxpayer May come across

There are 11 Tax refund statuses that an individual may come across depending on the return progress of the individual’s filed Income Tax Return. The following are the probable status:

Probable Staus Implied Meaning Applicable step for the taxpayer

No efiling for this assessment year

It means you have not filed your ITR or had filed manually
  • Cross check the assessment year
  • File your ITR with All India ITR, if you have not filed your ITR yet.
  • Contact All India ITR for Expert assistance on ITR filing

Not Determined

The IT had not proceeded your return as the refundable amount is not ascertained
  • Check your Refund Status again after a week or two.

Refund Paid

It means your refund is made. If you haven’t received the amount yet contact the bank or post office.
  • See you next financial year if you got your refund or else follow the following:
    • While filing your ITR, if you opted Direct Debit to your Bank account, then you need to contact your bank and check for any error
    • While filing your ITR, if you opted Return via cheque, then track the cheque with speed post tracking reference number on the Refund Banker’s site.

No Demand No Refund

It means the tax deducted is accurate and the tax department owes you nothing. You may need to rectify or review your ITR.
  • Revise your return and include the deductions that you forgot while filing
  • You can also crosscheck your Tax calculation with All India ITR Tax Calculator
  • Rectify the error projected by the IT department

ITR Proceed and refund determined, sent out to Refund Banker

Your refund is processed. You just need to wait for some time.
  • Contact your Refund Banker as you will get all the details from there.
  • Login to IT Department website and correct your information
  • Apply for Refund Reissue Request after correcting the errors

Refund unpaid

The IT department fails to deliver your refund. You need to crosscheck your account number or address provided while filing ITR.
  • Login to IT Department website and correct your information
  • Apply for Refund Reissue Request after correcting the errors

Contact Jurisdictional Assessing Officer

The Tax department needs some clarification on your return details, so contact your jurisdictional AO
  • Contact your jurisdictional AO

Demand Determined

It means your request is rejected as IT department’s calculation says that you owe more tax. Rectify or review the ITR details in such case.
  • Crosscheck your e-filing record and verify the information
  • If you owe tax then pay the tax before the deadline
  • If you have any confusion we can help you with expert assistance to crosscheck and refile your ITR request

Rectification Proceed, refund determined, sent out to refund banker

Your Rectified ITR request is accepted by the IT department and proceeded
  • Wait for some days and check your Refund status again

Rectification proceed, demand determined

Your rectified ITR request is accepted. However, you still owe more tax, which need to be paid within 30 days of the notice received.

Rectification Proceed, No Demand No refund

It means your rectification request is accepted but there is no demand nor refund.
  • You don’t owe IT department any amount neither IT department owe you any refund

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How to re-apply for a refund if my refund status displays as “Refund Returned”?
Access the income tax website and log in to your user account. There, go to “refund re-issue request” under My Account and select a mode for receiving the refund, providing your account number and address details.
Q. How to change my Bank Account Number mentioned in my Income Tax Return details?
Account details can be modified only if your refund request has been failed due to incorrect information. In such case, go to user account > refund re-issue request > select refund mood > enter bank account details > submit request

Once you submit your request the new details will be updated with the Income tax department.

Q. How to raise a refund re-issue request in case of an address change?
Address need to be changed only after your refund request fails due to an incorrect address. In that case, go to user account > refund re-issue request > select refund mood > enter new address > submit request..

Once you submit your request the new details will be updated with the Income tax department.

Q. How to change the Address / E-mail ID / Mobile Number in my Income Tax Return details?
Access tax filing website > log into user account > profile settings > update contact details > submit request

Once you submit your details your details will be updated in your profile. The updated details are also sent to CPC to update on the ITR.

Q. What must I do to ensure I receive my Income Tax Refunds as quickly as possible?
  • In order to get your tax reversal you must have registered at the efiling platform and have prevalidated your bank account with your registered PAN number.

  • You must also have not made any errors when filling your ITR form and no discrepancies must have been discovered between your Form 16 or TDS payment and Form 26AS (which shows the payments that have been received against your tax ID).

  • You must also make sure that you have e-verified your online tax statement and have received an acknowledgement ITR-V from the Central Processing Center, Bangalore. That is where all online data from the IT department is processed.

  • Your ITR must not have been pulled up for scrutiny and no rectification notice whose status is pending have been issued in your name.

Q. How will my refunds be sent?

There are two ways in which the refund banker may be dispatched:

a. RTGS or the National Electronic Clearance Service (NECS): Such transfers necessarily require the 10 digit taxpayer bank account, the IFSC or MICR codes with correctly matched communication details across all your identity documents and bank accounts.

b. Paper cheque: You may also get an old-fashioned account payee cheque delivered to your correctly matched home address on popular demand.

Q. What does the IT Refund Status page show?

Upon successfully entering your PAN and assessment year, you will witness a grid with four fields showing the following:

  1. Mode of Payment.

  2. Reference Number (for internal use of the CPC).

  3. IT refund status.

  4. Date of the refund, if any.

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