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Assisted CA Services

The chartered accountants at All India ITR are seasoned professional with years of experience in guiding businesses with all matters related to Bookkeeping, Audit, ROC Returns, Tax Returns, Digital Signature and Incorporation of Business. Focused on achieving the best possible standardized operations, we adhere to providing impeccable solutions and valuable consultancy to our clients on all financial aspects.

All India ITR is specialized in executing internal management of audits of business entities of any scale.

There are following user-friendly oriented services to serve our clients better:

Accounting Services

Timely and accurately providing financial services to the clients is a duty that All India ITR is committed to. Updated and meticulously organized financial records are highly effective in ensuring that businesses are operated with efficiency, which is why we provide the total range of cost effective accounting services.

Accounting Services


The procedure of recording a business’s financial transactions in an accounting system and then creating reports for verifying the accounting data which is entered in the system is known as bookkeeping. Many small businesses do not have a dedicated accounts department; this is where All India ITR comes in.

  • Balance Sheet: We provide our clients with financial statements, which summarize the company's assets, liabilities, and their shareholders' equity. This helps in giving the investors an idea about what the company owns or owes, including the amount that the shareholders have invested.
  • Profit & Loss: The P&L service helps a company determine the profit and loss through a statement reports which includes details on the company's revenues, expenses, as well as the gains and losses which took place during a specific time.
  • Bank Reconciliation: All India ITR also performs bank reconciliation process for companies to ensure that all the records of your company (inclusive of the check register, general ledger account, balance sheet etc.) are error-free and we also checks if all your bank’s records are correct.

Tax Services

We are equipped with services for all tax needs aimed at providing seamless, hassle-free solutions across the board.

Tax Services

Our team of experts is always updated on the latest and current tax law practices, which allow us to identify the best approach to tax planning opportunities, reducing your tax liability. We provide the client with taxation consultancy that include:

  • Direct tax – Taxes such as Income Tax and TDS, that are paid directly by organizations or individuals to the imposing entity.
  • Indirect tax – Under GST Act, every registered person must periodically furnish the details of sales and purchases along with tax collected and paid thereon, respectively, by filing online returns.

Legal Compliance

Incorporation of Business

All India ITR offers services to businesses for getting legitimately set-up. We provide registration procedure and the steps for obtaining:

Digital Signature

The digital signature verifies the authenticity of the signer as well as of documents. Simply put, a digital signature authenticates the electronic documents in a way like a handwritten signature in printed documents which states its originality.

Changes performed on the document after it is signed refute the authenticity of the signature, protecting the owner of the Digital Signature from forgery and tampering of original information.

  • Class II: Class II DS is usually used for filing documents such as aIncome Tax, Registrar of Companies etc.
  • Class III: Class III DS is required during the e-tendering process, which is done online.
Legal Compliance

ROC Returns

The designated authority, Registrar of Companies (ROC) is the authority that deals with the administration of Companies Act 2013 which comes under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. Under the Companies Act, 2013, all companies that are incorporated must file forms, returns, and documents with the Registrar of Companies online, within the prescribed time along with the fees.

To avoid penalties and fines, it is mandatory to comply with all compliances applicable to your company. At All India ITR, we provide specialized services such as:

  • DIN Forms: Director Identification Number or DIN is a unique identification number allotted to a potential or an existing director in an incorporated company.
  • Annual Filing: All companies incorporated under the Companies Act 1956, must mandatorily file a specified set of eForms with the Registrar of Companies (ROC).
  • Compliances: All incorporated companies and LLPs are mandatorily advised to file online forms, returns, and documents with the Registrar of Companies within a specified time and submit the specified fee.


All India ITR performs audit on the financial report of an organization which includes a balance sheet, an income statement, a statement of changes in equity, a cash flow statement, other explanatory notes etc. We cater our clients on the following factors:

  • Statutory Audit: It is a legal requirement to authenticate how accurate a company’s financial record is.
  • Tax Audit: Tax audit involves scrutinizing the tax returns of a company to check if the financial information provided is correctly reported.
  • Internal Audit: Internal audit is performed to examine, monitor and analyze all activities relevant to the operation of the company. It includes an audit on the structure of the business, the behavior of the company’s employees as well as its information system.

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