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All India ITR is a leading income tax return e-filing intermediator between the citizen and government in India. Experience our quick and user-friendly income tax return e-filing app for android users. You can install your tax buddy from the play store. It is free to download and readily available.

All India ITR App Exclusive Features

E-file your income tax return with our e-filing ITR app. Our app is specially designed to meet your needs. Individual, as well as businesses, can e-file income tax return from anywhere and anytime without any hassle.

The features that our app currently have are as follows:

  • Easy e-filing: You can easily file your Income tax return with our app. After installing our app, login and click Start e-filing. It will lead you to your preference - Individual or Business. Depending on your choice, our highly-advanced app will guide you through different stages of e-filing. Our software is tried and tested and is specially designed to ease your income tax return filing process.
  • Income tax calculator: An exact and excellent income tax calculation will help you to achieve maximum deduction. Income is generally the sum of your basic salary, HRA, transport allowance, special allowance and all other allowances. Accurate calculation of your income tax with a clear understanding of the possible deduction slab and tax laws will benefit you in understanding deductions and exemption from the allowance.
    Now, you don’t need to worry about the long and tedious procedure to calculate your income tax as Income Tax Calculator in our app will calculate it for you automatically, easily and with excellent results. Our income tax calculator is designed with a view to provide you excellent results incorporating the various laws as per the latest amendments of the Financial Act. To calculate your income tax with our app, provide the required details in the provided space and follow the guideline. Our IT calculating tool is very easy to use and time-saving.
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  • HRA Exemption Calculator: Salaried people who comply with the rent deduction slab need to calculate your HRA correctly to obtain maximum exemptions. Our HRA Exemption Calculator will help you to obtain maximum exemption as we have designed our calculating software keeping in hand all the income tax laws.

    While calculating HRA exemption, you need to keep in mind the following three HRA exempted amounts as the lowest of all will be considered as your HRA exempted amount:

    • Actual HRA received from the employer
    • Actual rent paid to the landlord – 10% of the basic salary
    • In metro cities, 50% of the basic salary; and in non-metro cities 40% of the basic salary
  • Check Refund Status: After filing income tax return, it is necessary to keep yourself updated with the return process. The income tax refund process is a lengthy and time-consuming process, however, with All India ITR Android App, you can track your refund status within a minute. The refund progress information can be accessed after 10 days from the submission of the refund claim.

How to check refund status at our Android App

Step1: Login to our Android app

Step2: Go to Refund Tab and enter your PAN number, assessment year and captcha words and click Submit

Step3: Your refund status will be shown

Note: Currently, our Android App do not support Check income tax Refund Status. However, the same service will be available from 1st June’17.

  • Rent Receipt Generator: It is mandatory to submit rent receipt along with the lease agreement and the Landlord’s PAN Card, if your HRA and rent are more than Rs 3000/- and Rs. 8,333/-per month respectively. You can generate your rent receipt in the prescribed format to get the possible deduction on Income Tax e-filing. Generate and download your Rent Receipt after filling the necessary details with All India ITR Android App. Fill the required information and click Generate and Print/Download your rent receipt.
  • Blogs and News: You can also get updates on our everyday Income tax-related blogs and news. The laws of Income tax keep changing / modifying as the situation demands. Therefore, it is very important for you to keep update on the various changes.
  • Contact us: Using our app, you can easily contact us anytime and anywhere with no effort. Our service is available 24 x 7.
  • Feedbacks: Your feedback is very precious to us as the improvement of our service depends upon your feedback too. Click Rate Us tab on our Android App, choose the number of stars and share the feedback accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why should I use the Android - Apps?
It is not compulsory to use Android – App only, to file your income tax return. But, with this fast-growing world it has become a necessity to have the control of everything in your hand at any point of time. It will be more convenient for you to file your ITR with our Android App anytime and anywhere. For instance – you have forgotten to file your ITR and you are out for a holiday and the due date is approaching. With All India ITR app you don’t need to worry as you can file from anywhere and anytime. Moreover, our Tax experts are there to assist you 24 x 7. It is also easy to use. Safety of your data is our top priority.
Q. Who can use the App?
All India ITR Android App can be used by any individual with Android device.
Q. Who do I contact with questions regarding the Android - App?
All India ITR Android App has been designated in a way so that you can understand and use it easily. However, you can write to us at for more information.
Q. What are the equipment required for using the E- Filing app?
All India ITR Android e-Filing app operates on all Android devices with Android version 4.1 (or above). Internet access and web browser on mobile devices are also required.
Q. Must I be a registered user to use the e-filing app?
Yes, you must first register as All India ITR user before using the e-filing app. You can register at our website ( or via our apps – IOS and Android Apps.
Q. What should I do if there is any internal error at the time of registration?
Such internal error hardly happens as our software is design for excellence. However, if you face such difficulty you can write to us at
Q. How do I know whether my e-return is processed if I file my ITR via Android app?

To know, if your e-return is processed by filing with our Android app, you can go to My Order and see your status.

Depending on your e-filing progress you can see your status as follows:

  • If your e-return is processing you can see your status in Ongoing
  • If your e-return is processed you can see your status in Past
  • If your e-return is cancelled you can see your status in Cancelled.
Q. What should I do if I don’t understand the process?
Our Android App has been designed in such a way that you do not face any difficulty to understand the steps or the procedure. However, if you face any difficulty understanding the functioning of our app you can contact us directly on our, 24 x 7 available, toll-free number 1800102580.
Q. What should I do if I get an error message at the time of submission / uploading of return?

Error in submission / uploading of return will hardly happen. However, if such scenario appears, it will be due to server issue or incorrect data or non-filling of mandatory fields.

Please follow the below step to rectify the error:

  • In case of server issue, you will get a notification. Wait for some time and submission / uploading return. However, this issue hardly happens while using our app.
  • In case of incorrect data filling, rectify the errors until there are no further error messages. Please do not use any Special Characters such as -, _, &,!, ^, <,>, #, ~, %, or * while entering data, since it may cause an error while generating XML file or while uploading the XML file.
Further, you can write to us at
Q. How do I reset my password, if I forget my password or if I want to change my password?
You can reset your password by clicking Forgot Password, enter your mobile number and registered email address and reset your new password.
Q. How do I crosscheck my Income tax calculated amount / HRA using the app?
If you want to crosscheck your calculated amount / HRA after calculating the same using our app you can click Calculate Again and calculate your amount / HRA.
Q. How will I know that my payment has been received?

After you make the payment you can see your status at My Orders:

  • If your payment is processing you can see your status in Ongoing
  • If your payment is processed you can see your status in Past
  • If your payment is cancelled you can see your status in Cancelled.
Moreover, if you need any more clarification you can write to us at
Q. How will I know that my IT return has been submitted?
You can check your IT return after submitting it at My Orders. If you had submitted your IT return then you can find your status in Past.
Q. Who shall I contact in case of any technical issue after paying the fees?
All India ITR Android app is designed for excellence and will hardly have any technical issue. However, if you have any issue you can write to us at
Q. Who shall I contact if there is an issue with the payment process?
Generally, such issue will not happen. However, you can write to us at
Q. What shall I do if I think the calculation is wrong?
Our calculators are designed with the latest laws of income tax and finance act and its software is designed for excellence, and it is tried and tested. However, if you think the calculated amount / HRA is wrong, you can write to us at

For enquiries, call us on

:1800 419 9661