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About This Plan

Whether you are a Multi-National Company or a Start-Up, every company needs to keep a tab of all its account activities. Book-keeping is an organized way to record and organize all financial transactions of any company. Let our experts take care of this for you. With our Book-keeping plan, you will be able to maintain all your company records systematically and safely.

Services covered under this plan
  • Monthly Analysis
  • Accounts Receivable Tasks
  • Account Reconciliation
  • Accounts Payable Functions
Who can buy this plan?
  • Share Market Traders
  • Independent Freelancers
  • Small Business Owners
  • Consultants & Professionals
  • Traders of Goods

How the Plan works?

  • Buy our plan
  • Personal on-call consultation from our account experts
  • Upload all necessary documents
  • Compilation of final statements

Information menu

Documents Required
  • Invoices issued to the customers
  • Bills from suppliers
  • Bank statements of buisness
  • Company's credit card statement
  • Invoices received for expenses incurred
  • Details of advance payments received from customer
  • Receipts/invoices for purchase of fixed assets
  • Details of withholding tax paid(if any)
  • Challan of payment of taxes
  • loan statement for loan taken from bank/ financial institution


My company is incurring losses since it is still in its nascent stage. Do I have to maintain a book of accounts?

Yes, you are legally required to maintain a book of accounts regardless of profit or loss. Not earning any revenue doesn’t justify not keeping books of accounts. All financial transactions need to be recorded. Keeping books of accounts helps to claim benefits when filing for Income Tax Return.

Am I legally bound to keep a record of my accounts?

It is mandatory under the Companies Act, 2015 and Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008 to maintain a detailed account of all financial transactions in all companies and LLPs. Furthermore, the Income Tax Act, 1961 also states that any company, regardless of it being big or small, has to maintain books of accounts. In certain situations, Private Limited companies have to comply to this as well.

Can’t I use Microsoft Excel to manage my accounts? Why do I need a book-keeper?

Maintaining books of accounts is of utmost importance to any business, big or small. Mainly because filing for tax returns at the end of the year becomes easier if you have an expert to maintain your records for you. Just ask for the data when required.

What do we maintain in books of accounts?

Cash Flow Statements, Balance Sheets, Cash Books, Profit and Loss Accounts, Originals and copies of all bills, receipts and/or invoices, Journals, Ledger Books and Trial Balance.

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