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A Guide to Taxation and Its Processes

All India ITR believes in assisting our customer/client with the best services. Searching information on various tax-related terms and condition is a big hassle if you are not aware of the authentic source. Our Help Centre page is designed to ease your hassle. It comprises of the various procedures and process that you need to keep in mind before filing your tax return. This page will lead you to various sections where you can enlighten on the tax and tax filing framework.

The following are covered in our Help Centre page:

Getting Started – This section is designed to enlighten you with all the various tax filing due dates and the necessary documents that you need to provide while filing an income tax return. Our guidelines also comprise of tax saving investments and tax on foreign income. We provide the latest information on taxation considering the Financial Act.

Income Tax Return Basics – Every individual file tax depending on a slab fixed by the government based on the income generated each financial year.

This section comprises of the tax slab of the following for the financial year 2017-18:
  • Individual and HUF
  • Partnership firm
  • Domestic Company
  • Foreign company
  • Co-operative society
  • Local authority

Further, you will also get information on marginal relief in this section

ITR-V Form – ITR-V is an acknowledgement generated after filing income tax return. It is a tax return filing verification form. This section will provide you the necessary information on what you should do with the ITR-V form.

Form 16, Salary, and Pension – Form 16 is a form provided by your employer certifying that TDS has been deducted from your salary along with the amount on which TDS is deducted and the total amount of TDS deducted. This section will lead you to the various Form 16 related information for both salaried and pensioned personals.

Income Tax Refund – All India ITR will guide you to claim your tax returns while filing your income tax refund and the procedure to track your tax refund. This section will provide you the various process you need to know to do the same.

Deductions – Deduction is a means by which you can reduce taxable income. This section will guide you to the range of deductions in which you can claim. Moreover, with All India ITR guidelines, you can achieve maximum deductions.

House Property – According to Income Tax Act,1961 house property comprises of buildings, flats, office space, shops, factory sheds, commercial building and agricultural land. The income generated from these sources is liable for tax. This section will enlighten you with the necessary information on income generated from House Property.

Advance Tax – If you pay the tax for the upcoming financial year in advance then it is called the Advance tax. This section has information on the timeline for advance tax payment; the process to pay advance tax and the benefit of advance tax payment.

Tax Calculator and Form Generator – It is mandatory to calculate your tax correctly and fill the correct form to file your tax. All India ITR will make your work easy with our Tax calculator (Income tax, HRA, EMI) and Form Generator (both forms and rent receipts) tools. This section will lead you to the process in which you can calculate your Tax correctly considering all the slabs and the procedure to generate your correct form.

TDS (Tax Deduction at Source) – TDS is generally deducted from salary, bank interest, lottery winner, contractor payments, house rent above a certain amount, compensation payment, consultation fees, lawyer or freelance payment and house property bought above Rs. 50 Lakhs. This section will enlighten you with TDS related information and TDS exemption guidelines.

Frequently Asked Questions – All India ITR believes is committed to provide you with the best solution for any tax related queries within a minute. Our Frequently asked questions are based on the queries that our customers and clients had put up or shared with us. This section comprises almost all the tax related queries with its solutions.

All Other Articles – Being a citizen of India it is very important to know the pros and cons of Taxation in India. This section will enlighten you with the various information on Indian Tax and its importance.

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