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Incorporation of a partnership in India

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This service is designed for a business owned by two or more partners, small businesses with multiple resources attributed by various parties, existing partnership firm that isn’t registered.

Incorporation of Partnership in India

A business entity managed by two or more individuals is called a partnership firm. The partners come to a mutual decision upon a deed which will decide the operation of the business. The Partnership Incorporation plan provided by All India ITR is for new businesses as well as existing businesses who do not have an incorporation registration.

Incorporation of Partnership

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Best Suited For:

  • A business that is owned by two or more partners.
  • Small businesses with multiple resources attributed by various parties.
  • An existing partnership firm which isn’t registered.

All India ITR Services for Incorporation of Partnership

  • Application for PAN Card
  • Making the blueprint of a partnership deed
  • Filing of deed with the Registrar of Firms and filing the documents mandatory
  • Filing affidavit with the registrar
  • Issuing the Registration Certificate

Documents Required for Partnership Registration

  • A copy of the partners’ PAN Card
  • Passport size photograph of partners
  • A copy of Aadhaar Card or Voter identity card
  • In case of rented property, a copy of the rent agreement
  • Electricity and water bill of the business
  • In case of self-owned property, a copy of property ownership papers
  • The landlord’s NOC (Format will be provided)

Registration for Incorporation of Partnership

Documents Required

The incorporation of a partnership can take place either at the time of its launch or afterward. The partners of a business must file an application with the Registrar of Firms within the area where the business is located.

A business needs to provide the following information during the application for partnership registration:

  • The name of the firm
  • The place where the business will be carried out
  • Any other places (if any) where the business will be carried out
  • Date of joining of the partners of the firm
  • The partners’ full name and permanent address
  • The duration of the firm’s establishment
  • Each of the partners must verify and sign the application
  • It should also be ensured that the documents along with the prescribed fees are submitted with the registration application
  • Registration must be applied in the prescribed Form – I
  • The Specimen of Affidavit must be duly filled
  • Certified copy of the Partnership deed

It is highly important to note that the name of a partnership firm should not contain words that may imply or express the government’s approval or patronage unless consent has been given as such.

After the Registrar of Firms is fully contented with the application procedure and it has been duly complied with, a record will be made on the entry of the statement and Certificate of Registration will be issued.

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