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This service allows one to obtain a digital signature which is used for authenticating the originality of documents and the signer.

Create Your Own Unique Digital Signature

The authenticity of a signer and the documents that are being signed is determined by a digital signature. The originality of digital document is verified by the digital signature as it acts in a similar way like a printed document that has been signed.

A digital signature is advantageous as it cannot be forged. The digital signature ensures that the signatory has authorized the authenticity of the documents. The other benefit of the digital signature is that if any changes are made on the e-documents after it has been signed then the documents become invalid, this helps in eliminating forgery and tampering of information.

Digital Signature

Digital signatures provide the extra assurances of evidence to origin, transaction, status, and identity of the electronic document, and acknowledges consent by the signer.

Documents Required in Applying for Digital Signature

  • Passport sized photo.
  • A copy of PAN card.
  • A copy of Aadhaar Card or Voter Identity Card.

Procedure Involved in DSC

  • Application Submission: The applicant must fill and submit the Digital Signature Application with the required documents in hard copy format via courier.
  • Digital Signature Approval: On receiving the Digital Signature application, the application will immediately be processed and the Digital Signature will be issued the very next day.


All India ITR offers Digital Signature application service to simplify e-filing procedure easier and protected.

  • Charge for companies: Rs. 800 for a year and Rs. 1,500 for 2 years
Tax Refund

Class II Digital Signature

Class 2 signature is issued to individuals and devices. Its validation procedure is based on the guarantee that subscriber’s Distinguished Name (DN) is unique and distinct. The identity of the subscriber as per the information given in Certificate Application must not clash with that provided in a consumer database(s) (Validating Database) or an MTNLTRUSTLINE approved and well-recognized business.

Class 2 is used for encryption, and for gaining access to device authentication, content integrity, message, software, electronic transactions and confidentiality encryption.

Assurance Level: Class 2 signature is issued for the use of both business personnel and private individuals. This signature confirms that the information provided in the application will not conflict with the information in well-recognized consumer databases.

Applicability: This signature is relevant in a situation where the risks and consequences of data compromise are not highly dangerous. This may include transactions with a considerable monetary value or risk of fraud, or for gaining access to private information in which the likelihood of harmful access is lesser.

Class III Digital Signature

On a security strength basis, class 3 DSC has proved to have the highest of security level of the digital signature. This signature helps in assuring the security and transparency of online transactions. Class 3 digital signature is usually available with a 1 year and 2 years validity. As stated in the Information Technology Act, every individual, companies, and organization involved in e-Tendering, IPO, e-procurement, Trademark filing process on various Indian websites and Patent must mandatorily have a class 3 digital signature certificate.

Digital Signature image

Assurance Level: Class 3 signature is issued for the use of both individuals as well as organizations. As a high assurance certificate, it is primarily intended for e-commerce sector. The signature will be issued to individuals only for personal appearance before the Certifying Authorities.

Applicability: This signature is applicable in a situation where risks to data are high or if the potential failure of security services are high. This may include transactions with very high value or there are high levels of fraud risk.

Places where Digital Signature Certificates can be used

You can use the Digital Signature Certificates for the following:

  • For securing your email, online transactions and for identifying the other participant involved in the online transaction.
  • To obtain ownership of a domain name and for establishing SSL/TLS encrypted, secure sessions between a website and the user making an online transaction.
  • For proving authorship to the developer on a code and for retaining the integrity of the distributed software programs.
  • For signing online forms, filing income tax returns, e-tendering documents, gaining automatic access to membership-based websites without the need for entering user name and password.

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