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Form-16, Salary and Pension

Salaried person who has got no income from any other sources can upload Form 16 to E-file tax return with us. With All India ITR, it is easy by clicking on the “Quick Upload Option for Form 16” button.

Part A of the Form 16 asks about the unique TDS certificate number, name and address of the employer, name and address of employee, PAN and TAN of employer, PAN and reference number of the employee, financial year and period of employment and total TDS deducted and deposited in the year.

Part B of Form 16 asks details about salary including bifurcation as salary, perquisites and profits in lieu of salary. It also asks details of allowances exempt u/s 10 and profession tax paid, any other income reported by the employee, deductions available against income, your net tax liability and verification of employment.

Select the file from your computer and log into your account. Now enter all your required personal details,income calculation, residential status and answer some simple questions. Now proceed with income tax return filing. Revise your contact details, bank details, and verify the summary. Now select a return type and proceed to fees, payment and return filing.

To upload two Form 16, you have to sign into your account and start with normal E-filing process. Once done, it will ask if you have got more than one Form 16, click on "Yes" button, and this will give you the option to upload another. Once you upload another, the filing process will go as normal and you will be doing payment for all of them together at the end of the process.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Form 16:

AN or Tax Deduction Account Number which is required for any company or person that deducts TDS. This number must be quoted in Form 16 / Form 16A and TDS Returns. It helps in getting the information about who has deducted TDS of the employee and about the person whose TDS was deducted.

It can be found on the Form-16 / Form-16A or on the Form 26AS.

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