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We Focus To Attain Excellence

AT All India ITR, our quest is to attain excellence by achieving accuracy and perfection. Our manual and automated systems is designed for providing solutions with zero fault. We work strategically to build the best for our clients so that you can experience a premium quality e-filing services with us.

Our team of tax experts are well rounded in every segment of the taxation system so you can trust on our deliverance. We are time-focused and result oriented which makes All India ITR a reliable platform for all financial queries and norms for corporations and individuals as well.

Our timely problem solving executions results from years of dealing with clients, understanding the needs of businesses and providing apt services.

We understand the importance of your income tax e-filing and that is why we have designed the best option for you. All the step of our e-filing system will guide you in entering the accurate response so that you file your claims correctly. We assure that none of our user experience “tax due” situation because of incorrect calculation.

Our all automatic calculators have been tested for maximum accuracy and our systems are designed to approach perfection. To justify our service promise, we have accumulated a team of experienced experts to help you with e-filing income tax accurately to avoid any unfortunate situation.

What Is All India ITR about and how safe is its Website?

Every year taxpayers are faced with the burden of filing their Income Tax Returns. ITR filing is especially confusing and hard to comprehend for a regular taxpayer who is unfamiliar with taxation.

All India ITR is a tax filing solution provider that has been structured to fulfill all needs of individuals and businesses, regarding taxation. With a firm belief in using the latest technology to obtaining accuracy, All India ITR provides secured and easy-to-use tax solutions.

Preventative and Security Measures Taken by All India ITR

Due to the prevailing risks that threaten websites and servers, All India ITR has followed every norm and beyond in making its website highly secured from hackers and cyber criminals. The connection to All India ITR website is encrypted and authenticated applying a strong protocol (TLS 1.2), a strong key exchange (ECDHE_ECDSA with P-256) and a strong cipher (AES_128_GCM).

The measures maintained by All India ITR for safeguarding its client’s confidential and security are as follows:

  • All India ITR website is encrypted and authenticated.
  • All India ITR regularly updates software without compromising its security by updating only with genuine & secured software.
  • It uses windows server 2008 r2 IIS Version 8.
  • Prevention against Cross Site Scripting (XSS).
  • The Firewalls are always updated and are anti-pirated.
  • Encrypted data and passwords in the server.
  • Utilization of the latest technology.
  • Usage of latest programming language (Angular Js, C# MVC-5).
  • Safety lock on all files and directories and it can be accessed only by authorized users only.
Avail the best with us to stay assured

We have got a huge collection of guidelines to help you explore the taxation system of India with utter ease. Understanding can minimize the chances of faulty entry and our guidelines are perfect to avoid any faults.

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