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Verification Methods Used in Income Tax Return Filing

Verification Methods Used in Income Tax Return Filing

Income Tax Filing deadline is about to reach in 4 weeks and many of the responsible taxpayers have already started their ITR filing process by now. In the ITR filing process, verification is an important method to complete to verify the assesse. The return is treated invalid until it is verified by the taxpayer. So, to complete the Tax Return Filing, the process you must need to complete the verification process in any of the followings discussed method. Now PAN Card is Mandatory for All Type of Bank Accounts

The tax return can be verified through the online or physical method by sending ITR-V to CPC, Bangalore. Or the HUFs verify their return by getting their accounts audited and filing ITR through Digitally Signed Certificate. Income Tax Filing can be e-verified by various options as chosen by the taxpayers. Here in this blog, we have discussed all possible e-verification method along with physical verification method.

Using EVC

The Electronic Verification Number or EVC number can be generated through any online filing portal while making Tax Return Filing. This number is an alphanumeric code and stays valid for 72 hours from generation time. The code usually sent to the registered mobile or email.

Using Net Banking

This is the fastest and easiest method to e-verify income tax return and it eliminates the need of sending ITR-V if you do it. You just need to log into your net banking and click on “income tax e-filing tab” and you will be redirected to the Income Tax Filing site. In there, click on “View Returns/ Forms” to check e-filed tax returns and select the “Click here to view your returns pending for e-verification” option. Now click on “e-verify” and you are done.  The Maximum Income Tax Relief An Indian Taxpayer Can Get Is INR 14,806.

Using Aadhar Card

Aadhar card can be also used to e-verify tax returns and it only requires you to generate an OTP via the Tax Return Filing department. Once you do it, carefully download the acknowledgment document.

Physical verification methods

The above method may fail to e-verify assesse due to certain reasons and therefore, sending physical ITR-V to CPC Bangalore is much safer. This requires you to speed post (strictly no currier) the document on CPC, Bangalore’s address and it hardly takes only 3-4 days.

So, now you can choose the one you like to e-verify your Income Tax Filing process.